Fair taxation seminar 2018

Fair taxation seminar 2018 in Riga starts discussion on fair taxation issues to be held in Vienna, Paris, Rome and Dublin.
The main questions to discuss:
Is the question of tax fairness best addressed at national, EU or international level?
What role does civil society have in promoting fair taxation?
What measures need to be taken to ensure fairer taxation, now and in the future?
How can various actors work together to deliver this?

19th Assembly meeting of Business Circles in Minsk

On the 1st March 2018 EED took part as an honorary guest at the 19th Assembly meeting of Business Circles in Minsk. The Assembly of business circles was one of the key events of the Week of entrepreneurship in Belarus. The program included two panel discussions on the business climate and digitalization of the economy, as well as a number of round tables.

On the 2nd March 2018 the Annual Meeting of the Public and Private Sector (PPD) Network, established by the efforts of NGOs from the Eastern Partnership Countries. EED made an extensive presentation on the Public private Partnership and the Public Private Dialogue practice in Latvia.


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