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Non-governmental organization “Eurointegration and economic development”

Non-governmental organization “Eurointegration and economic development” public unit (EED PU) was officially registered in Latvia on December 4, 2017.
EED PU is based on integrity and common interests of its members and operates in accordance with its Statute, the legislation of Republic of Latvia as well as international agreement of the Eastern Partnership initiative.
The organization’s name reflects its objectives- development of Latvian economy as well as promotion of European values and stimulation of Eastern partnership countries’ orientation toward Europe.

EED PU operates in Latvia in accordance with the following priorities:

1) European integration of the Eastern partnership countries,
2) cooperation and support to the Latvian innovative and R&D enterprises,
3) raising public awareness on the socio-economic role of SME’s in Latvia,
4) strengthening the role of the civil society in Latvia.

EED PU conducts national and international projects and researches, prepares publications, analytical reviews on situation on innovative enterprises, organizes seminars, conferences and other events that result in:

1) development of partnership relations between innovative and R&D enterprises at the national and international level,
2) stimulation of cooperation between enterprises, government, science and research and other institutions,
3) promotion in capacities, technical competences of members of civil society to engage in the constructive dialogue with government organizations at the local and national level. Co-founder and president of the EED PU Dr. oec. Svetlana Jesilevska is author of the number of scientific publications dedicated to methodological aspects of statistics on innovations and problems of development of innovative enterprises in Latvia.

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